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The new generation of PVC windows

UP Windows & Doors manufactures custom windows and doors to meet your individual requirements.Based on your specific request we select the right profile system among the Schüco profile range to build your windows and doors. The Schüco profile systems CT 70, SI 82, and Alu Inside are the ideal material for modern architecture.
The array of products is complemented by modern fittings, burglar resistance features, and appealing designs.

A broad spectrum of color and surface combinations allows you indulge your creativity and add your personal touch. 

In addition to our state-of-the-art products and their progressive functionality UP Windows & Doors emphasizes personal consultation and service. 

UP is “different” and “better”.

LivIng Alu Inside

LivIng Alu Inside


LivIng 82 AS

LivIng 82


CT 70